Technische Universität Wien, Fakultät für Technische Chemie, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik und Technische Biowissenschaften, Research Division Natural Products and Food Chemistry

The division was developed from the former Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Technology and the Institute of Applied Botany, Technical Microscopy and Organic Raw Materials Sciences. // Working Groups: * Chemistry and microscopy of natural products: The working group “Chemistry and Microscopy of Natural Products” is dealing with all organic compounds as well as structures occurring in the raw materials of the living and inanimate world of nature.Therefore two areas of responsibility complement each other, the chemical analysis of natural products on the one hand and their characterization by microscopic techniques on the other hand. * Food Chemistry: The working group has experience in research concerning food, food packaging and food microbiology since more than 20 years. Several research projects in the field of method development, validation of methods, and investigation of migration from packaging materials and child articles, sterilisation of food packaging materials, evaluation of HACCP concepts, sanitation in food plants and quality assurance of vegetable and fruit products have been performed during the last years. * Food Technology: The Working Group focuses on the development of new and improved food sources, products and processes; their proper utilization by industry and the consumer, as well as in consideration of their effective regulation by government agencies. Scientific studies are aimed to contribute to actual and “state of the art” topics in the development, analysis, use, quality, safety, and regulation of food products and in technological food processing for food scientists as well as for the food industry, government institutions and academia. According to the actual trend in Food Science, special emphasis is laid on the evaluation of Functional Food, Food Additives and Food Supplements.


o.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Herbert Stachelberger

Getreidemarkt 9/166
A-1060 Wien

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Food Safety, Lebensmittelsicherheit

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