Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt , Institut für angewandte Informatik

The Institute for Applied Informatics consists of the following three research groups: "Application Engineering", "Intelligent Systems and Business Informatics", and "System Security". According to the motto "scientifically founded - application oriented", the Institute aims to provide an optimal combination of basic and application-oriented research. This motto is also consistently reflected in the Institute’s teaching philosophy. The Institute's team is an innovative mix of young and senior researchers, who are both nationally and internationally renowned for their numerous scientific publications and participation in challenging research projects. Several of the team members also serve the scientific community as reviewers, organizers, or as committee and board members of scientific organizations. Many of the Institute's team members also hold responsible positions within the University's self-administration. Driven by the rapid developments in the area of computer science and its applications, the Institute continuously updates and extends its teaching and research spectrum and aims to contribute toward the solution of these new questions in cooperation with the international scientific community. In parallel, the Institute also offers its competencies and consulting services to regional and national partners in industry and society. One example is the Institute's long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Business Administration and several industrial partners, resulting in the foundation of a new privately sponsored "e-Business institute (biztec)". From a teaching perspective, the Institute integrates students into current research projects and introduces scientific methods early in their education. In particular, this is achieved not only through internships, master theses and PhD projects, but also through the employment of students within the Institute. Thus, it is not uncommon that freshly graduated students have already released scientific publications on an international level. Finally, to maintain international visibility, a further goal of the Institute is to attract and organize high-level scientific events.


DI Dr. Gerhard Friedrich

Universitätsstraße 65-67
A-9020 Klagenfurt

Telefon: 0463 / 2700 3752
Fax: 0463 / 2700 3799

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Systemsicherheit, Wissensbasiert, KI, Künstliche Intelligenz, Planung, Diagnose, Entscheidungsunterstützung

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