KAPSCH CarrierCom AG

KCC is the leading System Integrator for Carrier and Service Providers in Austria and SEE. KCC delivers End-to-end solutions in the following areas:

• Broadband – Broadband access for fixed and mobile networks

• All IP – IP Core and infrastructure

• Service Platforms – Integration of platforms and development of services

• OSS/BSS – Operation and Business Support Systems

Additionally to the solutions portfolio KCC established innovative in-house development for the following products:

• DataXtender (Business intelligence for analysis of network information)

• NetXtender (Provisioning solution for transaction-controlled management of network elements)

• AppXtender (Enterprise Application Integration (EAI))

• Multitenancy and platform independent IN Services

• AIPS (Advanced IP Softswitch)

Beside solutions and products, KCC provides carriers and service providers with a comprehensive Professional Service Portfolio for the entire value-chain, from consultancy, design, development to installation and integration, maintenance and servicing and operation of complete networks.


Dipl.Ing Sanja Boltek

Ing. Mag. Thomas Schöpf

Am Euro-Platz 5
A-1120 Wien

Telefon: 050/811-0
Fax: 050/811-32 01

Dienstleistungen / Produkte

The KCC Portfolio includes all parts of a state-of-the-art carrier infrastructure

• Access and Transmission Solutions

-Wireline Access: legacy Access (POTS, ISDN), xDSL, PON, MSAN

-Wireless Access: UTRAN/HSxPA, WiMAX, WLAN

• Core Networks

-Wireline Core: NGN VoIP solutions, IMS, TDM, Signaling Gateways

-Wireless Core: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IMS, GSM-R

• Service Delivery Platforms & Mediation / Services & Applications

-SDP: JSLEE, J2EE, .NET, OSA, Web Services

-S&A: Convergent Call Control, Convergent Messaging, Multimedia Applications,


-Regulatory Requirements: Mobile and Local Number Portability, Legal Intercept, Data Retention

-Billing: Billing Mediation, Interconnect Billing

-Provisioning and Business Process Integration

-Service and Network Management, Security.

SiFo relevante Referenzen

StegIT - Research, design and prototype development and implementation of a solution for detection and prevention of the use of steganography in internet telephony (VoIP).

BACCARDI - Beyond Architectural Convergence: Charging, SeCurity, Applications, Realization and Demonstration of IMS over fixed and wireless networks


service availability network robustness service continuity network security charging fraud DoS attacks DoS prevention IMS security Trustability Botnets Botnet prevention Client Device Security Client Privacy Steganography

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