KAPSCH CarrierCom AG

KCC is the leading System Integrator for Carrier and Service Providers in Austria and SEE. KCC delivers End-to-end solutions in the following areas:

• Broadband – Broadband access for fixed and mobile networks

• All IP – IP Core and infrastructure

• Service Platforms – Integration of platforms and development of services

• OSS/BSS – Operation and Business Support Systems

Additionally to the solutions portfolio KCC established innovative in-house development for the following products:

• DataXtender (Business intelligence for analysis of network information)

• NetXtender (Provisioning solution for transaction-controlled management of network elements)

• AppXtender (Enterprise Application Integration (EAI))

• Multitenancy and platform independent IN Services

• AIPS (Advanced IP Softswitch)

Beside solutions and products, KCC provides carriers and service providers with a comprehensive Professional Service Portfolio for the entire value-chain, from consultancy, design, development to installation and integration, maintenance and servicing and operation of complete networks.


Dipl.Ing Sanja Boltek

Ing. Mag. Thomas Schöpf

Am Euro-Platz 5
A-1120 Wien

Telefon: 050/811-0
Fax: 050/811-32 01

Dienstleistungen / Produkte

The KCC Portfolio includes all parts of a state-of-the-art carrier infrastructure

• Access and Transmission Solutions

-Wireline Access: legacy Access (POTS, ISDN), xDSL, PON, MSAN

-Wireless Access: UTRAN/HSxPA, WiMAX, WLAN

• Core Networks

-Wireline Core: NGN VoIP solutions, IMS, TDM, Signaling Gateways

-Wireless Core: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IMS, GSM-R

• Service Delivery Platforms & Mediation / Services & Applications

-SDP: JSLEE, J2EE, .NET, OSA, Web Services

-S&A: Convergent Call Control, Convergent Messaging, Multimedia Applications,


-Regulatory Requirements: Mobile and Local Number Portability, Legal Intercept, Data Retention

-Billing: Billing Mediation, Interconnect Billing

-Provisioning and Business Process Integration

-Service and Network Management, Security.

SiFo relevante Referenzen

StegIT - Research, design and prototype development and implementation of a solution for detection and prevention of the use of steganography in internet telephony (VoIP).

BACCARDI - Beyond Architectural Convergence: Charging, SeCurity, Applications, Realization and Demonstration of IMS over fixed and wireless networks


service availabilitynetwork robustnessservice continuitynetwork securitycharging fraudDoS attacksDoS preventionIMS securityTrustabilityBotnetsBotnet preventionClient Device SecurityClient PrivacySteganography

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