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Technische Universität Graz, Fakultät für Maschinenbau und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Institut für Fahrzeugsicherheit

The Vehicle Safety Institute (VSI) at Graz University of Technology offers research, development and education in the field of vehicle safety. The main research areas are related to accident research, integrated vehicle safety, biomechanics, regulations and standardisation, experimental testing and virtual tools. The use of a comprehensive accident data case library and detailed accident reconstructions are the basic concepts in accident research. The VSI operates an own in-depth accident collection. Virtual methods (finite elements & multi body) are used as one of the essential tools for development of new safety systems. Therefore the VSI is equipped with a simulation department using well known codes (Pam, LS-Dyna, Madymo, Radioss) on HPC clusters. Integrated safety research focuses on driver assistance system validation tools and adaptive restraint systems. The validations of simulation models as well as material parameter studies are performed in the crash laboratory. The crash laboratory is equipped with a full-scale-crash track and test rigs for component testing. Several dummies and test bodies can be calibrated according to EN 17025 in the own dummy lab. The dummy-pool offer dummies, data acquisition instruments and high speed cameras for sharing. Road side furniture are tested as registered test lab according to EN 1317 and EN 12767. Students are introduced in the basics of vehicle safety and biomechanics. Advanced courses are offered to students becoming a safety engineer. For post graduated a master course can be visited. Besides the theoretical education also the practical application in the laboratory and projects is trained. The Vehicle Safety Institute works also as an engineering partner in the development of testing equipments and vehicle safety systems. Different OEMs and T1 suppliers are research partners of the VSI.


Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Hermann STEFFAN; Dipl. Ing. Dr.techn.Jürgen Gugler

Inffeldstraße 11/2
A-8010 Graz

Telephone: 0316 / 873-9400; 0316/873 - 94
Fax: 0316 / 873-9402 (allg.)

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Verkehrssicherheitsbeirat Unterausschuß Strassenverkehr, Partner in nationalen und internationalen Projekten zur Strassenverkehrs- und Fahrzeugsicherheit, Veröffentlichungen s.


Unfallforschung, Verkehrssicherheit, Fahrzeugsicherheit, Crashversuche, Rückhaltesysteme für Insasse und Strasse

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