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SensorDynamics AG

SensorDynamics specialises in developing and manufacturing high-volume micro- and wireless sensor systems that satisfy

industry demands for extremely high standards of quality, flexibility and energy efficiency. Guaranteed fail-safe functionality

of products and a principle of right first time illustrate the company's technical aspirations and deep-rooted innovative

strength. The sensor specialist has succeeded in cost-attractive integration of MEMS, ASIC, firmware plus test and

calibration algorithms in single package. Intelligent combinations of hardware and software algorithms make its sensor

systems absolutely fail-safe. In this way, SensorDynamics not only lives up to the standards of safety-critical car

manufacturers, it is also the default choice for other industrial customers who demand a high degree of fail-safe functionality

in their applications.

The test and calibration environment located at the customer's primary location serves the purpose of quality assurance,

supporting test, calibration and analysis in general. In-house development platforms mean that products are launched fast,

with high design stability, and enable the development of firmware parallel to hardware implementation.

SensorDynamics developes and produces flexible solutions and custom-made designs and also offers standard

components, for use in vehicle stabilization, occupant protection, navigation systems, keyless go systems or autonomous

energy generators for wireless and batteryless controllers for industrial and automotive application.


Dipl.Ing. Herbert Gartner

Jöß 1e
A-8403 Lang

Telephone: 03182/401 60
Fax: 03182/40160-70

Dienstleistungen / Produkte

SensorDynamics focuses on three product groups, for each of which the company has created a development platform to

guarantee a maximum re-use of silicon proven analogue and digital IPs. This is the basis for both application-specific

developments and adaptations of existing products.


Inertial microsensor systems (IMSS)

SensorDynamics has achieved a first in combining motion sensors (angular rate and/or acceleration) with analogue-digital

electronics (ASIC) in one package to form a large-scale integrated microsensor system that guarantees absolute fail-safe


Applications include electronic stabilization systems, rollover detection and navigation sets for ’blind reckoning’ without GPS

support. IMSS from SensorDynamics are certified to AEC-Q100 or are re-certified after being customized for the application.


Intelligent sensor interface circuits (ISIF)

SensorDynamics has a wealth of expertise in the development and manufacturing of intelligent electronic signal conditioning

circuitry of macrosensors such as core and planar coils, resistors, capacitive and magnetoresistive sensors. Cooperation

with the customer produces application-specific sensor systems that combine macrosensors and electronic signal

conditioning at module level.


Wireless sensors (WISE)

Examples of wireless sensors are to be found in ‘Keyless go’ or tyre pressure systems. However, wireless and batteryless

sensor systems are increasingly adopted in industrial applications, especially automation such as smart LF/RF applications.

Energy harvesting, in other words powering devices from the energy produced by movement, heat or light, is drawing more

attention. Sensor systems that incorporate energy use optimisation management – integrated processing of sensor signals

through to the transmission of control signals at radio frequencies – are a special discipline of SensorDynamics.


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