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EAS Envimet Analytical Systems Ges.m.b.H.

EAS Envimet provides of technical solutions in the fields of Environmental, Security and Meteorological Technologies.The security solutions we provide, ranging from explosives detection at international airports in the region to complete software solutions and data base systems for the law enforcement community


Klemens Jutz

Industriestraße B16
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge

Telephone: 02236/37 80 07
Fax: 02236/37 80 08

Dienstleistungen / Produkte

SECURITY: Conventional X-RayPeople Screening, Baggage Screening (HBS), Cargo Screening, Biometrics & Secure Credentialing, Explosives Trace Detection, Computer Based Training (CBT)

ENVIRONMENT: Gas Analyzers, Gases Measured, Systems, Particulate Monitors, Special Applications, PortablesEmissions Monitoring, Gas Chromatography BTX, Remote Sensing, Vehicle Emissions Sensing

METEREOLOGY: Radar Introduction, GAMIC, RADTEC, Slovak Weather Radar, SODAR Wind Profiling


CONSULTING & ADVISORY SERVICES: system design, Bespoke Applications Devolopment, Site Surveys Planning

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Systems Integration, Communications and IT-Solutions, Project Customization, Compliance Management, Homologisation

TECHNICAL SERVICE MAINTENANCE: Preventive Maintenance, Call-Out Services, 24/7 Hot-Line and Call-out Service Capabilities, Extensive Regional Spare Parts and Consumables Stock

TRAINING: Hands-on and Classroom Training, Product and Applications Training, CBT Application and Development, Expert Training Services, Train-the-Trainer Service, Awareness Training


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