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SAIL LABS Technology AG

SAIL LABS Technology is one of the leading global providers and innovators in the field of speech and language technologies and cooperates with a global network of partners to provide services and solutions for commercial and government customers.
SAIL develops technologies to mine media and text including the automatic transcription and indexing of audio, video and text in a variety of languages, as well as for the detection of named entities, identification of speakers and topic detection.
SAIL creates high-end software for speech- and multimedia analysis solutions, addressing the high-value speech technology markets of media indexing and media mining and supports commercial applications (e.g., news monitoring, broadcast news indexing) as well as government applications (e.g. public opinion monitoring, surveillance and intelligence gathering).
Continual innovation at the leading edge of linguistic and IT research drives SAIL's vision of creating technologies that enable advanced speech and language capabilities.
With deployed systems on all continents, SAIL is optimally equipped to meet customer requirements.


Mag. Dorothea Aniola
DI Gerhard Backfried 

Mariannengasse 14
A-1090 Wien

Telephone: 01 / 58095 - 601<br />01 / 580
Fax: 01 / 580 95 - 581

Dienstleistungen / Produkte

OSINT, Open Source INTelligence, is much more than newspaper clippings and Internet.
OSINT involves all types of accessible, acknowledgeable and unclassified information sources.

Key Functions:
    * Real-time indexing
    * Automatic speech recognition (speech-to-text)
    * Transcription from multiple languages
    * Speaker identification and segmentation
    * Gender detection
    * Keyword, machine and human translation
    * Named entity and topic detection
    * Story segmentation
    * Alert mechanism

If you are looking for a high end speech recognition product that can automate
the process of indexing live news feeds and multimedia archives in real-time, your search ends here.

Key Functions:
    * Automatic speech recognition
     (Front-End, Acounstic Models, Language Models, Decoder Search)
    * Speaker identification and clustering
    * Speaker change detection
    * Story detection
    * Topic Classification
    * Named entity detection

WEBSHOP PRODUCTS (KeyWord Finder, digital/analog FEEDEXER)
The system is aimed at media clipping & monitoring companies, enabling them to provide integrated media intelligence, by
monitoring more news sources in more languages timelier and less costly than traditional press clipping services.

SAIL LABS conducts courses throughout the year to train system administrators and developers on SAIL LABS products.
Training gives your employees all the information they need in order to confidently handle these powerful technologies.

If you have a problem with one of our products, Technical Support is available to assist you.

Experience the real thing and test-drive the Media Mining System.
Enjoy the look and feel, browse interactively through an archive of TV News,
by using advanced search and summarization features

Supported Languages:
    * Arabic (modern standard Arabic)
    * English (US)
    * English (US/UK)
    * Farsi
    * French
    * German
    * Greek
    * Hebrew
    * Italian
    * Mandarin Chinese
    * Norwegian
    * Polish
    * Romanian
    * Russian
    * Spanish

SiFo relevante Referenzen

  • MDL (Multimedia Documentation Lab)
  • Virtuoso (Versatile  InfoRmation  Toolkit for end-Users oriented Open-Sources explOitation)
  • M-Eco (Medical EcoSystem)
  • EUROSINT FORUM (European Open Source Intelligence Forum)
  • DIVAS (Direct Video and Audio Content Search Engine)
  • Pharos (Platform for Searching of Audiovisual Resources across Online Spaces)
  • COAST (Competence Network for Advanced Speech Technologies)
  • Research Papers:<link http: research research-papers.html>


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