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ContactContact Federal Ministry of Finance Directorate-General VI – Telecommunication, Postal Services and Mining  Staff Department for Security Research and Technology Transfer …
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InstrumentsInstruments The Austrian security research programme KIRAS implements three mutually complementary instruments. They range from probing actions to cooperative research and…
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NewsCurrent Calls For further information, please visit the page, where the calls are published Calls The last call included Cooperative Research and…
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KIRAS - Security Research map The KIRAS Security Research map supports interested parties in finding the right partners for their KIRAS project consortium. To the mapFunded projects The Austrian…
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Security Research Map
10. CARVATECH Karosserie & Kabinenbau GmbH  
CARVATECH konstruiert und erzeugt Fahrbetriebsmittel in Alu-Leichtbauweise und steht für innovative Designlösungen im Bereich der Personenbeförderung.CARVATECH Karosserie & Kabinenbau GmbHChristoph…
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