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KIRAS - Security Research

The Austrian Security Research Programme KIRAS supports national research projects whose results contribute to the security of all members of society.

For the current phase of the programme, KIRAS focusses on funding activities related to protection of critical infrastructures.  

Funding Instruments

The Austrian security research programme KIRAS implements three mutually complementary instruments. They range from probing actions to cooperative research and innovation projects and R&D support actions.


KIRAS Security Research map

The KIRAS Security Research map supports interested parties in finding the right partners for their KIRAS project consortium.

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Funded projects

The Austrian Security Research programme KIRAS is owned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).
The programme management, especially the project management, is within the responsibility of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) on behalf of the BMF.  

ROADS to Health: Decision support for the pandemic management of the future

ROADS develops foundations for optimised risk and crisis management for future pandemics/epidemics from an overall social perspective

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Development and evaluation of a multimodal measurement system to identify noise offenders in road traffic.

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MEDIAS – Mediation as an Instrument of Dispute and Conflict Resolution: Application Practice and Effects

The study provides systematic and meaningful empirical data on the application practice, quality and effectiveness of out-of-court mediation…

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USKIT - Unmanned Protection of Critical Infrastructure

Use of self-organized drone swarms for airspace surveillance and investigation of intervention measures for defense

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ESBH - Effiziente, sichere bauliche Haftgestaltung in Justizanstalten in Österreich

The project aims to develop auditable constructional and technical standards based on social, economic and ecological sustainability in order to…

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HYBRIS - Hybride Bedrohungs-Resilienz durch Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit der Sicherheitsbehörden

Exploring of hybrid threats that intend to influence beliefs and attitudes of selected target groups through coordinated online operations, mobilize…

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