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Effective practical approaches of efficient deployment of e-mobility from the authorities’ point of view (WALL • E)

The KIRAS study project WALL • E analyzes the current technological status of alternative forms of drive systems for vehicles with a focus on e-mobility, compares practice-oriented application scenarios of blue light organizations and derives recommendations for a possible large-scale use of e-mobility.

The project WALL E analyses the practical usability of electric vehicles for Austrian blue-light organizations, especially for the police. Considered aspects subsume range, driving behavior of the vehicles, necessary charging infrastructure and protection of the required communication infrastructure. The current technical possibilities of vehicles should be analyzed and contrasted to the different operation scenarios and its requirements.

In a preliminary phase, real movement profiles of a representative number of vehicles with different scope of action in a daily service on different locations were collected. Simulations with an experimental vehicle and information obtained from research studies generate additional data for consumption and requirements. Particularly, the consumption in operating conditions together with additional equipment induce a significant high demand on the electric system. The movement profiles and consumption data are inputs for a simulation of realistic operation scenarios to deduce a requirements specification for an overall system E-mobility. Furthermore, the project discusses the possibilities of alternative drive systems – especially E-mobility – whether they are compatible with the security requirements of the Austrian society. Beside the parameters of the vehicles available, the project considers and evaluates upcoming technical developments and necessary prerequisites. It will be analyzed

  • how an extensive change can be conducted when availability must be ensured simultaneously;
  • which requirements on the charging infrastructure arise and how far predictable developments can fulfil them (public and administrative charging infrastructure);
  • how an integration of the vehicles into a communication and planning system increase the availability of vehicles and charging infrastructure and which additional security requirements arise.

The project prepares a recommendation for action and a future guideline to evaluate how further technical development enables other operation fields for electric mobility in near future. The research study prepared by the project provides instructions for actions to establish implementation scenarios according the requirements specifications of specified test regions for blue-light organizations in Austria. They are not only restricted on the electric vehicle, but generically describe the complex overall system electric mobility for blue-light organizations; e.g., required charging and ICT infrastructure, processes, life cycle.

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