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Common Situation awareness for public-private Security collaborations

Vital infrastructural services – such as energy supply, telecommunication, transport, public health care or the food & water supply – are today run mainly by private companies. These services are absolutely critical for the continued functioning of the state and survival of the people in a major crisis situation.
Collaboration between public authorities and private infrastructure companies is therefore essential for ensuring public safety and security. Through the VKT-GÖPL research project, Frequentis is contributing to the development of new collaboration tools and processes for this public-private security partnership. VKT-GÖPL creates a secure virtual information space that hosts a new kind of online collaborative tool. This tool supports both common situation awareness and collaborative decision processes within the public-private partnership. The core of the tool is the collaborative, virtual chart room: contributors meet (virtually) around the chart table to analyse different or specific crisis scenarios, and then develop possible strategic decisions options. Basic questions are used as the starting point for the subsequent collaborative process. For example, what would be the effect on people, vital infrastructure and the economy? Are there any special hazards involved? What resources would be available to cope with the crisis scenario? The project is partially funded by KIRAS, the Austrian security research programme.

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