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|   Call 2006

Critical Infrastructure Protection – Threats Posed to Critical Infrastructure by Terrorism and Violence-Prone, Extremist Groups

SKIT was implemented in the period from June 2007 to May 2008 and pursued following goals: Firstly, this project surveyed the state of the art in research conducted in Austria on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) given the challenges of terrorism and the risks posed by other violence-prone radical groups. Secondly, the project identified experts with varying backgrounds working in the field of CIP. Thirdly, organizing a number of workshops and creating opportunities for exchanges among these experts and the representatives of the relevant ministries, the project laid the ground for the creation of a network/platform for future work on the topic. In a first step, the gatherings and separate meetings with experts and representatives of relevant authorities allowed for the identification of gaps in research carried out on CIP so far. Consequently, a number of respective research questions were formulated to guide future studies on CIP.

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