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SINBAD - Security and prevention of fake-shop fraud with measures of digital forensics

Prevention and fast warning systems are essential to protect consumers from fraudulent online shops. However, the reports from affected consumers come in with delays. The damage occurs before warnings may be published. Therefore, the Austrian initiative "Watchlist Internet" of the ÖIAT aims to support the detection of fake-shops through machine learning. Preliminary projects with this consortium already achieve impressive results: The automated classification of fake-shops with machine learning has detection rates of over 90%.

The SINBAD project intensifies this research into fraud in e-commerce and seeks to improve the multi-task machine learning models. It will proactively screen newly registered domains in the DACH-region. There will be an in-depth analysis of the modular systems, price, and product categories of fake-shops and social media advertising of internet fraudsters. The goal of the project is to protect consumers with evidence-based prevention measures and on-the-go warnings.

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