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Created by Eintrag in der Sicherheitsforschungslandkarte | |   Call 2006

Simulation- and information system to manage Rescue units at disaster. nuclear, biological, chemical

SimRad.NBC is a simulation and information system for the NBC disaster protection. The danger of NBC attacks is constantly growing. In Case of a catastrophe, professional emergency groups (e.g. Red Cross) but also voluntary helpers are trying to handle it and to minimize its effects.

In order to cope with new dangers and threats, “catastrophe-units” need to be well trained under realistic conditions. Up to now, it has not been able to reproduce those conditions because of unknown human factors & reactions and especially because of missing technology (like serious holistic simulation technologies and methods which are able to integrate and combine existing catastrophe tools).

SimRad.NBC aims at developing the basis for such technologies and systems in order to train NBC-situations and of course to handle them in case of reality.

As the project is analyzing models and human factors concerning catastrophes also in general, the new knowledge can also be used for emergency situations (climate crises etc.) and for their tools.


Project leader:

Creative BITS Mihalits und Roth OEG, Traun 
Herr Markus Roth / Mail:
Frau Michèle Wiesmair / Mail:

Project partner:
Ziehesberger Elektronik, Neuhofen /Krems
Herr DI (FH) Peter Ziehesberger / Mail:

J.K. Universität Linz 
Rotes Kreuz Landesverband Oberösterreich 
Forschungsinstitut des Wiener Roten Kreuzes
Konsortialpartner 5: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Schwechat Mitte
Konsortialpartner 6: EMPL Fahrzeugwerk Gesellschaft m. b. H. Kaltenbach/ Tirol