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Design, Conception and Implementation of a Tool to Improve the Security of the Production and Transportation of Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical industry in the European Union, especially in Germany and Austria, can be considered as well-advanced and highly secure. However, the population’s security of pharmaceutical supply is becoming increasingly complex and challenging.

On the one hand this is a result of the steadily increasing demand for pharmaceuticals, external hazards for the entire supply chain, on the other hand, are constantly on the rise. Thus not only the organized crime has identified the highly sensitive goods as an attractive target, but also the international terrorism. In both cases it is essential not only to eliminate traditional hazards (e.g. theft, contamination, etc.), but also to prevent new types of attacks (e.g. cybercrime). Furthermore political upheavals, climatic changes, etc. place great demands on the highly sensitive goods as well as the specialised transport services.

Conclusion: The dependency on a smooth supply of pharmaceuticals is constantly increasing. At the same time, global dependencies and risks are rising. An interruption of the supply chain may not affect the mass of the population, but instantly causes lethal consequences, which lead to significant effects on the anxieties of the total population.

The bilateral consortium therefore creates a tool, which improves the security of supply, for pharmaceuticals with a reduced shelf life. This includes early predictions of potential production bottlenecks, the protection of the supply chain as well as the resilience towards digital threats and criminal or terrorist menaces. Additionally legal and political framework conditions of the international movement of pharmaceutical goods will be explored and possible solutions will be developed.

The aim of the project s4pt is thus to further improve the pharmaceutical supply within the European Union in particular but also beyond, facing the increasing risks in a constantly changing world. The tool to be developed is supposed to enable all participants of the supply chain to prepare and to adjust their services to the threats of the growth in the international organised crime, the overflowing terrorism, worrying political changes as well as the transforming climate situation including short-term weather extremes.

Project Lead 
netwiss OG 

Project Partners
Forum Vernetzte Sicherheit gGmbH (Konsortiallead Deutschland)
Bayer AG (Wirtschaftspartner, Deutschland)
Zentrum für Europäische und Internationale Strafrechtsstudien, Uni Osnabrück
(wissenschaftlicher Partner, Deutschland)
Manova GesmbH (Umsetzungspartner, Österreich)
Russia Fachspedition Dr. Lassmann GesmbH (Wirtschaftspartner, Österreich)
Logistikum, Fachhochschule Oberösterreich (wissenschaftlicher Partner, Österreich)
Bundessparte Transport und Verkehr, WKO (Wirtschaftspartner, Österreich)

Contact Data 
Mag. Alex Schubert
Hohe Warte 46
A-1190 Wien