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Created by Eintrag in der Sicherheitsforschungslandkarte | |   Call 2006

Development of a research methodology in order to survey individual and collective perceptions of threats in the population

The main aim of the SALOMON project was the development of a research method which is capable of analyzing the individual and collective perceptions of threats in the migrant population.

SALOMON conducted expert interviews with the aim of analyzing and collecting perspectives of experts and their methodological know-how in this field. From these interviews fruitful approaches and obstructive factors in developing a new empirical method were identified. The main challenges were the strategy of selecting interviewers, defining selection criteria, access to interview partners and recruiting native speakers for the interviews with migrants.

The development of this new empirical method was the basis for the project SALOMON Next Step.

Duration: 05/2007 – 04/2009


Projekt leader

Maga. Ingrid Spicker, Forschungsinstitut des Wiener Roten Kreuzes
Weitere Projekt- bzw. KooperationspartnerIn
Univ. Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz
Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität Wien GmbH (SFU)
Schnirchgasse 9a
1030 Wien


Project partner

Siegmund Freud Privat Universität



Maga. Ingrid Spicker
Forschungsinstitut des Wiener Roten Kreuzes
Nottendorfer Gasse 21
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