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RIFIDAS – Rapid In-Field IDentification of Addictive Substances

Development of a handheld-tool for quick assessment and classification of THC- or CBD-Cannabis by police officers.

The processing of criminal offenses related to addictive substances causes substantial personnel and financial expenditures for the Austrian executive. A major cause for this is that currently there is no on-site method that would allow the police to quickly and safely distinguish between legal and illegal substances. Caused by the ever-increasing occurrence of legal CBD-Cannabis (< 0.3 % THC content), which cannot be distinguished from illegal cannabis with > 0.3 % THC content via appearance or smell, this burden was amplified even further.

To address this pressing need for a quick, reliable and robust measurement technique for on-site classification of Cannabis samples, spectroscopy in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum is a viable candidate, especially due to latest advances in the field of fully-integrated photonics that allow for very cost-effective and flexible measurement approaches. Currently available infrared measurement devices for the measurement of THC in Cannabis are not suitable for the targeted application, due to various reasons.

Therefore, led by the Upper-Austrian research institute RECENDT, a consortium was set up together with the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Austria (BMI), combining expertise in spectroscopic sensor technology (RECENDT), electronics design (HW/SW; partner MEDS) and know how in drug analysis (BMI) to investigate, if a device based on NIR-technology suitable for the quick and reliable on-site measurement of the THC-content of Cannabis samples can be designed. Partner VICESSE ensures, that the measurement concept fulfills all legal requirements for the planned future deployment.

In the course of the project, a functioning demonstration device for a cost-effective, robust, compact and easily usable measuring instrument based on novel, fully integrated and cost-effective NIR-measurement technology for distinguishing between legal and illegal Cannabis (as this substance causes 60-70 % of total charges related to drug offenses) will be realized. Measurement approaches will be pursued, which have not yet been used for the THC-measurement but offer several advantages over currently used technologies.

RECENDT – Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH
Robert Holzer,, 0664 / 9658927

Auflistung der weiteren Projekt- bzw. KooperationspartnerInnen
Bundesministerium für Inneres (BMI) als Bedarfsträger
(Kontakte: Mag. Karl Srnec, MA, Ing. Dr. Wolfgang Greibl, MMag. Dr. Robert Hirz)

MEDS – Spath Micro Electronic Design GmbH
(Kontakt: Gerold Meininger)

VICESSE – Vienna Centre for Societal Security
(Kontakt: Reinhard Kreissl)

RECENDT – Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH
Altenberger Straße 69, Science Park 2 / 2. OG
4040 Linz
+43 (732) 2468 – 4600 
Persönlicher Kontakt: 
Robert Holzer,,
+43 (732) 2468 – 4602, +43 (664) 9658927

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