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Re.M – Resilience Monitor Austria

Development of a software-assisted method for network-based analysis and measurement of social cohesion and resilience of critical systems

Resilience is the capacity of an actor to deal with disturbances and crises and to develop new functional roles by adaption and social learning if it is not possible to return to the former condition.  According to this interpretation, the “fitness” of a social system is the capacity of dealing with surprises effectively and especially creative.

The ability to react quickly, absorb shocks and to develop within crisis is directly linked to the structure of the networks of those individuals and organizations that need to deal with crises and their medium-term impact. The more and the faster separated groups interact and coordinate in case of crises, the higher the ability of the system to evolve and to learn even under conditions of stress.

The measurement of social capital and analysis of the underlying characteristics of the socio-economic-ecological networks at different scales (local, regional, supraregional) therefore is crucial for the determination of the resilience of a system. This is to be shown on the socio-economic and cultural system of Austria. The software that will be developed during this project will not only support the process of development and calibration of appropriate indices (node selection, determination of crucial factors; collection of data for the indices) but especially summarize the results in a resilience dashboard.

This resilience dashboard will provide information concerning the status of the resilience of Austria to decision makers and will produce evidence of possible levers and interventions within the system.

Project Coordinator:
FAS.research GesmbH

Project Partners:
REPUCO Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Institut für empirische Sozialforschung (IFES) GmbH
IFES Feld GmbH
Bundesministerium für Inneres (BM.I)
Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport (BMLVS)

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