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|   Call 2011

Realtime analysis of cipher-suites in an HPC-Cluster with FPGA- and GPU-coprocessors

In the previous project CuteforceAnalyzer, a massively parallel compute cluster based on the Windows HPC platform was developed consisting of highly specialized processors (nodes) for the implementation of computationally intensive cryptanalytic algorithms. The compute cluster is ideal for cryptanalytic tasks with long durations, such as offline analysis. For the analysis of cryptographic protocols the BMLVS has the need for an extension of the cluster in such a way that information from electronic communication processes can be obtained in real-time.  This information can be used to rapidly detect malign activities, to generate situational awareness or to introduce of preventive measures. The methods of real-time analysis of cryptographic protocol environments (cipher suites) to be investigated and developed for the RealtimeAnalyzer should therefore simplify timely investigation and analysis of communication processes and allow verifying the safety of these cipher suites. The primary concern of the project RealtimeAnalyzer is the real-time capability of the systems in use. Besides existing Windows-based compute nodes to perform calculations and output nodes to summarize the results in the CuteforceAnalyzer also Linux-based nodes shall be used. Therefore, it is necessary to develop appropriate interface hardware and software and operating system-independent application framework. For the compute nodes hardware that is based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) will be used. To realize the real-time analysis in particular for the implementation of algorithms and cryptanalytic signal / data processing appropriate software and hardware platforms have to be selected and have to be manageable in a common framework. Other objectives of the project are the exploration of appropriate hardware platforms and algorithms for implementing real-time breaking technologies for cipher suites as well as investigating other new HPC platform environments that are suitable for future implementation, focusing on the open source Linux platform as well as hybrid HPC platforms (Microsoft and Linux). Checkpoint/restart-features for both operating-system platforms will be implemented to enhance the system-availability. Another goal is to ensure that sustainable development and upgrade of the RealtimeAnalyzer are possible. For this purpose, a software-framework is developed, training sessions will be conducted  and only commercially available components are used.

Project leader
FH OÖ Forschungs und Entwicklungs GmbH

Project partner
Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport (BMLVS)

DI Robert Kolmhofer
Head of Department Secure Information Systems
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
Softwarepark 11
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