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RAIDAR - Rapid Artificial Intelligence based Detection of Aggressive or Radical content on the Web

|   Call 2020

Exploring methods of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of online hate and radicalizing content in big data with a focus on LegalAI.

The RAIDAR (Rapid Artificial Intelligence based Detection of Aggressive or Radical content on the Web) project investigates research methods and approaches for the quantitative collection and evaluation of hate content and radicalization on the web, both which pose a threat to democracy. Further goals are the development of a data science platform for the semi-automated and versatile analysis of large data sets from different sources, as well as the research of approaches and methods for the automated classification of content according to legal paragraphs, which are to be assigned to hate on the web and radicalization from a criminal law perspective. Possible crimes endangering democracy include incitement to hatred (§ 283 StGB), re-invasion (VerbotsG) or dangerous threats (§ 107 StGB). Due to the legal, social and cultural complexity of these tasks and objectives, RAIDAR research is accompanied by three GSK partners with the aim of a comprehensive ethical and legal evaluation.

The innovations of RAIDAR include the development and definition of metrics, measures and methods for quantitative and qualitative evaluation of online hate and radicalization. The application of the research field LegalAI to the application area of Hate Speech is considered a specific innovation. In contrast to the problem area of disinformation on the internet, there are clear legal definitions for the sub-areas of Hate Speech. These well-judged legal paragraphs represent a fundamental knowledge base that will be mapped into complex analysis and detection methods by combining knowledge-based systems with data-driven systems. 
Project results will include a reduction of the workload of the BMJ (Federal Ministry of Justice) by means of partially automated assistance systems based on artificial intelligence in the legal field, a concrete technology assessment of ethical limits and legal frameworks in the context of artificial intelligence for automated data collection and the application of the RAIDAR platform in a quantitative study in the area of "Hate Speech" and "radicalization" on temporally and contextually relevant content.

ProjektleiterIn / Name und Institut/Unternehmen
Dr. Alexander Schindler,  AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Wien
+43 50550 2902 

Auflistung der weiteren Projekt- bzw. KooperationspartnerInnen

Bundesministerium für Justiz 
Museumstraße 7, 1070 Wien

LIquA - Linzer Institut für qualitative Analysen 
Untere Donaulände 10/1, 4020 Linz

Research Institute AG & Co KG 
Amundsenstraße 9, 1170 Wien

Scenor - Verein zur Erforschung aktueller gesellschaftlicher Herausforderungen
Schottenfeldgasse 5/1/9, 1070 Wien

Semantic Web Company GmbH 
Mariahilferstraße 70, 1070 Wien