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PRS information-modelling and server concept for Austria - PRIMUS

The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) supports public authorities and operators of critical infrastructure in the implementation of their duties. PRIMUS investigates questions relevant to research with regards to potential users of PRS in Austria.

The Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) is one of the major drivers for the European global navigation satellite system Galileo. It provides functionalities and possibilities that other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) do not provide and contrary to other regulated GNSS services Galileo PRS is not limited to military users. Galileo is a civil system under civil control. Therefore the need for PRS results from the analysis of potential threats to GNSS services and the identification of vulnerable national infrastructure applications. While military GNSS signals are available exclusively to military users, Galileo PRS is designed for authorised civilian user groups. Encryption of the signal restricts access to PRS. The Public Regulated Service thus can help government agencies and operators of critical infrastructures to fulfil their tasks. Access to PRS must be controlled by an encryption system implemented by the individual Member State. Each Member State can individually decide the user and application authorisation. The so-called Common Minimum Standards define the minimum requirements that each PRS user must meet. Currently, the necessary political and legal decisions are being prepared to establish a Galileo CPA (Competent PRS Authority) in Austria. This means that, on the one hand, the road to the operational implementation of Galileo PRS in Austria can be established and, on the other hand, scientific research topics need to be clarified. In order to be able to benefit from the additional value of PRS in Austria, the operational component (application scenarios and users) as well as the technical component (Galileo PRS functionalities) must be linked together. The challenge in this context is that not only technical questions like the improvement of snap-shot techniques for fast GNSS Positioning need to be solved, but also semantic and organisational aspects have to be taken into account. For this purpose, it is necessary, based on user surveys and the unclassified and classified PRS information, to collect and investigate the information exchange requirements and to generate an information exchange model based on this. However, the obligation to meet the PRS security standards in dealing with PRS receivers excludes a large number of potential Austrian PRS users. The PRS server concept is a simple and cost-effective concept, but probably the only way to provide the PRS added value to users in the field of security-critical infrastructure. The purpose of this project is to identify and define the potential user groups that are eligible for PRS in Austria. In these user groups the requirements for the use of PRS are collected and analysed and presented within the framework of the information exchange model. A risk analysis in individual user groups is an integral basis for the further handling of these users with regard to PRS. Based on these investigations, an Austrian PRS server concept will be investigated and elaborated, key technologies developed and tested as part of a proof-of- concept.

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Dr. Susanne Katzler-Fuchs,
Brimatech Services GmbH

Lothringerstr. 14/3
1030 Wien


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Teleconsult Austria GmbH
Dr. Philipp Berglez,

TeleConsult Austria GmbH
Schwarzbauerweg 3
AT-8043 Graz

Technische Universität Wien – Department für Geodäsie & Geoinformation

FB Höhere Geodäsie
Gußhausstrasse 27-29
A-1040 Wien

Dr. Robert Weber 
+43 1 58801 12865

Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung
Bgdr Dr. TEICHMANN Friedrich, MMSc, MAS
Rossauerlände 1
1090 WIEN
050201 10 33100 

ObstdhmfD CHRISTIAN Markus MA
Rossauerlände 1
1090 WIEN
050201 10 33200 

Rossauerlände 1
1090 WIEN
050201 10 33200