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Optimal Security

Subjective security feeling of the Austrian population in relation to the density of police stations

The subjective security feeling wins increasingly on importance in the public discourse and in the context of the police work. The project focuses on the question whether an optimal density of police stations in relation to the subjective security feeling does exist. Furthermore, both the representative population survey and the qualitative interviews examine fears of crime (it is quite common, that social problems resulting from fear of crime have bigger effects than criminal activity itself) and the work of the police force: the presence, the image, the public appearance and competence of the policemen/-women are evaluated by the Austrian population. The results can be used by the Ministry of the Interior as a base for its strategic planning, to optimize the quality within the internal education and training system and for the improvement of its prevention measures in order to keep the subjective security feeling on a high level.

Project leader and Contact:
Dr. Susanne Kirchner
Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS)
Stumpergasse 56
A-1060 Wien
T.: 01/59991/306
F.: 01/59991/555

Project partner:
Bundesministerium für Inneres
Abteilung II/5, Sicherheitsakademie
Dr. Katharina Weiss
Institut für Wissenschaft und Forschung der .SIAK im BM.I