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High-performance multi-sensor UAS data recording platform to generate a near real-time large-scale situational picture

Background and Motivation
Nowadays an increasing number of crisis and emergency situations, safety-critical events and dynamically changing security situations pose enormous challenges for first responders or the armed and civilian forces. Innovative technical solutions are in demand for multimodal support of risk and disaster management, for optimizing operational management tasks, for an efficient use of resources and the reduction of threat situations for emergency services. Real-time, target-oriented, widespread and comprehensive local information provides the ideal base for rapid decisions in such situations, on one hand, and ensure efficient and targeted measures for the protection of human lives and critical infrastructure on the other hand. Airborne multi-sensorial systems (on aircrafts, helicopters as well as unmanned aerial vehicles) are increasingly used for reconnaissance purposes and can generate repeatable data "on demand". 

Objectives and innovation aspects
The goals of NRT-COP are to develop a high-performance multi-sensor UAS data recording platform (optical & thermal sensors) and to elaborate corresponding processing and analysis methods. The outcome of these tasks should enable rapid coverage of large areas of appropriate quality and near-real-time generation of a large-area positional image allowing to track changes in specific situations. For this process, innovative methods for data processing and data analysis will be developed, such as automatic, simultaneous calibration methods (optical / thermal), multi-sensor data fusion, data analysis and information extraction based on machine learning methods. Another important goal is the mission-oriented access to results in order to survey not only the overall situation, but also the individual as well as collective risks during an actual catastrophic scenario. This will be realized by making the resulting information available to the operational organisations in order to enable an assessment of the entire situation and to identify risks during the crisis for individuals or groups. A powerful technology for this task is the use of high-performance UAS, which support the main scenarios (a) seeking persons/missing persons, (b) border control monitoring and (c) forest fire application. The developments of scenario-oriented flight control and beyond-line-of-sight ability are additional important aspects of the project. 

Desired results:
The outcome of the project provides a powerful UAS-based multi-sensor data recording platform and innovative automatic geo-processing and analysis tools. Furthermore planed results offer the opportunity to get a large-scale situational picture with ad hoc information and mission-oriented data access and serve as a base for risk and damage mapping. With this development a substantial gap in the catastrophic and crisis management can be compensated and the operational support of joint, ground and airborne operations optimized. Based on an analysis of the national structures an optimized distribution concept will be developed in order to efficiently support the time-critical processes in the various scenarios. At the beginning of the project, an international workshop will be organized based on the EU program "Exchange of Experts" which is focused to integrate international experience and requirements. 

DI Alexander Almer, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsges.mbH, DIGITAL 

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