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(No) Space: Cyber-violence against women in (ex) intimate relationships

|   Call 2018

Types, effects and the potential of support of “Cyber-violence against women” in the context of intimate partner violence.

With the increasing digitalisation of all social areas of life the misuse of technological developments increases alike. When it comes to domestic violence against women offenders are more and more prone to using technical means to exercise violence in order to threaten, harass, defame, control or embarrass their (ex-) partner. The study (No) Space: Cyber-violence against women in (ex) intimate relationships examines the role of technology in violence within intimate relations.

The affected women often identify no safe space, where they can protect themselves from the continuous threat and control. However, the scientific knowledge base shows a significant gap in this research field, resulting in an inability to satisfy the demand of counselling centers for women and the police to increase the safety of affected women.

The aim of the study (No) Space is a differentiated description of the characteristics and effects of “cyber violence against women in (ex-) intimate relationships”. Thereby, the study pretends to generate new knowledge about the need and the potential of support opportunities and safe spaces for affected women.


  • Gathering knowledge about the point of views of affected women (with qualitative methods)
  • Gathering experiences of representatives of the relevant fields of practice (police, social work, justice) (with focus groups and analysing documents)
  • Provide solution strategies on a technical level for the protection of the affected women (with an interdisciplinary and agile concept development of a mobile app)

Project Lead
Magdalena Habringer, MA, FH Campus Wien

ZSW- Zentrum für Sozialforschung und Wissenschaftsdidaktik
BMI- Abteilung II/2 Einsatzangelegenheiten
Bundeskanzleramt- Abteilung III/4 Gewaltprävention und frauenspezifische Legistik
Bundeskanzleramt- Abteilung V/4a Familienberatung und Familienförderung
Gewaltschutzzentrum Niederösterreich
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24-Stunden Frauennotruf der Stadt Wien

Magdalena Habringer, MA
FH Campus Wien, Kompetenzzentrum für Soziale Arbeit
Favoritenstraße 226, 1100 Wien
T: +43 1 606 68 77-1682