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NikeMed - Nachhaltige Interdisziplinarität in Komplexen Einsätzen - MEDical treatment

|   Call 2020

The NikeMed project submitted in the Kiras tender includes the evaluation of emergency capacities, develops an application to optimize the supply for the emergency services and shows the need for development for the establishment of strategic reserve capacities in the event of a mass occurrence.

Complex underground operations are also associated with a massive accumulation of typical injury patterns. A mass casualty incident is in itself a major challenge because of the need to provide medical care to a large number of patients within a very short time, but in a complex underground scenario this means an increased incidence of injury patterns that the health care system is not equipped - either nationally or internationally - to deal with. 
These injuries are

  • poisoning caused by combustion gases, deliberately released toxic gases or other toxic substances from hazardous goods transports
  • extensive burns
  • heavily contaminated bullet and splinter injuries
  • large-scale mechanical violence caused by parts of buildings or vehicles
  • psychological disorders caused by extreme situations
  • contamination with NBC substances, which also pose a risk to other persons and rescue forces
  • injuries caused by the dynamics of mass panics

These injury patterns represent an extreme and require rapid initial care, triaging, assignment to the proper care chain, and transfer to specialist definitive care in specialized medical facilities as quickly as possible, utilizing available national and international capacity. NIKE MED evaluates the required and available emergency capacities, develops an application to optimize care for responders, and identifies development needs for building strategic reserve capacities. 

NIKE MED makes an essential contribution within the framework of the NIKE research and development program to achieving full operational readiness of a specialized task force with the capability to operate underground, thus adding essential value to state crisis and disaster management.

ProjektleiterIn / Name und Institut/Unternehmen
Univ. Prof. Robert Galler / Lehrstuhl für Subsurface Engineering / Montanuniversität

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Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung
DCNA – Disaster Competence Network Austria
IL – Ingenieurbüro Laabmayr & Partner ZT GmbH
Mindconsole GmbH
SimCampus GmbH
Universität Innsbruck – Institut für Psychologie

Univ.Prof. Robert Galler
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