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Modern Management in Police detention: Safe & Healthy Prisons

The MOMA project investigates the little-explored field of police detention centers and thus responds to a gap in security research. The project generates practice-relevant and scientifically proven knowledge about the health and social situation of detainees and employees in police detention centers (PAZ). By focusing on the perspective of the detainees and those employed in PAZs, MOMA creates a foundation for a contemporary management of police detention centers, which can take into account the fundamental rights and integrity of the prisoners ("healthy prison" WHO) as well as of the employees. A further focus of the project is the training of the staff of police detention centers. The knowledge about the conditions and problems in police detention centers flows in the form of a competency profile into the training and education of the people working in PAZ. In addition, MOMA is developing solutions that can be used in problem situations in the professional daily life in police detention centers. A further objective of the project is the revision of the existing administrative records on the basis of a potential/deficit-assessment.

The Competence Center for Empirical Research Methods at the Vienna University of Economics and Buisness in cooperation with the project partners: queraum. kultur- und sozialforschung – both part of the network of participatory security research -, the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology as well as the Federal Ministry of the Interior are responsible for the implementation of this study. Research is carried out in three different PAZs. Qualitative interviews, as well as quantitative surveys, explore the situation of the detainees in the police detention centers. The employees' perspective will be explored by means of qualitative interviews as well as by the method of vignette-based focus group surveys, which has already been developed in the KIRAS security research projects PARSIFAL and POLIS and is further developed in MOMA. A competency profile is developed that shows the requirements for the competences of the employees in police detention centers. The project results are further discussed in participatory workshops with experts and stakeholders to find solutions for identified problems.

Contact Katharina Miko-Schefzig
Competence Center for Empirical Research Methods at the Vienna University of Economics and Buisness
+43 1 31336 5319