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Migration Ties

|   Call 2019

The impact of the milieu-affiliation of migrants on their transnational relations

The project Migration Ties will conduct research on the milieu-affiliation of migrants in Austria through a Sinus-Milieu-Research and will analyse their transnational relations. Migration has been a central and controversial socio-political issue in Austria for many decades, although it was discovered relatively late by social science research in Austria as a dedicated research subject. However, against the background of the diverse migration movements from the 1990s, migration research has become increasingly relevant. Since then, a number of studies on the living conditions and the socio-structural localization of migrants as well as studies of certain groups have been produced. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of studies that link socio-economic factors and subjective attitudes, values and lifestyles through a milieu approach.

The project Migration Ties aims to close this research gap by conducting a pilot study, through which migrant milieus in Austria will be mapped for the first time along the Sinus Milieu Model. Building on the Sinus-Milieu Study, the Migration Ties project will address a further research gap by applying qualitative methods to investigate the extent to which the milieu affiliation has an influence on the transnational connections of migrants. The migrant milieu model will be discussed with experts from research and practice and milieu-specific transnational connections will be discussed with migrants in group discussions.

Finally, evidence-based recommendations for action will be formulated based on the results of quantitative and qualitative research.

Project Lead

Project Partners
University of Vienna
oiip - Austrian Institute for International Affairs
Federal Ministry of the Interior

Dr. Florian Huber
Otto-Bauer-Gasse 5/14
1060 Wien
+43 1 99 620 11