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Meta-Risk-Model for Critical Infrastructures

A comprehensive risk management is the foundation of all management, core and support processes in an organisation and represents the background of all measures regarding the feature-based organisational development, governance and controlling based on a knowledge management system in an organisation. In particular, in the security-relevant area a special emphasis is placed on risk management on a strategic and operative level due to the sensitive tasks and challenges in this area.

Hence, the MetaRisk project concentrates on the development of a sensor-based risk analysis and risk management system. This system is not only modelled and designed based on a generic approach but also is implemented in a software demonstrator. In the course of this, results from previous research as well as methodologies, techniques and technologies and already acquired processes, control logic, risk models, etc. are integrated into a meta risk model and represented in the system. Expert knowledge, which defines the correlations between the key performance indicators (KPI) and key risk indicators (KRI) is discussed, formalised and integrated into a web-based demonstrator. Basic sensors and the respective interfaces of analytical instruments (e.g. SNA, KIRAS-MDL, etc.) enhance and complete the system.

The meta risk model is going to be developed using a generic and comprehensive approach and based on yet to defined heuristics. The main focus lies on the applicability in a strategic and operative context of ICT and critical infrastructures as well as the integration of the involved persons and their individual activities into a workflow-supported operative situation report system and a decision support system.

Project leader
DI Dr. Stefan Schauer
AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Other Project or Cooperation partner
Universität Wien 
ontact: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. DDr. Gerald Quirchmayr
SiteXs Databusiness IT-Solutions GmbH 
Contact: Stefan Heumader, B.Sc, M.Sc
IFES – Institut für empirische Sozialforschung GmbH 
Contact: Mag. Christine Schuster
Bundesministerium für Inneres 
Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Robert Gottwald, MSc
Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport 
Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Göllner, MSc

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