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|   Call 2012

Public Youth Work as a Multidimensional Safeguard: Approaches of Efficiency-Evaluation

Outreach youth work offers setting-orientated social consultation and support on a communal level. The primary target group is a socially vulnerable one, specifically young persons with marginal chances of being included in society, who spend most of their time in public spaces. In this highly volatile social field, this action of safety work launches an intervention approach which contributes considerably to increase opportunites to participate in society, promotes a democratic political conscience and conveys abilities to resolve conflicts peacefully.

This research study explores the efficiency of outreach youth work in public spaces, as a means to implement multidimensional safety measures. Primary impact indicators are identified, and elaborate method tools are being developed for a meaningful efficiency-evaluation. From these research findings evidence-based recommendations are made to optimise outreach youth work and to promote social peace in local communities.

Project leader:
Mag. Dr. Hemma Mayrhofer, IRKS – Institut für Rechts- und Kriminalsoziologie

Other Project or Cooperation partner:
KOSAR – Kompetenzzentrum für Soziale Arbeit GmbH
Bundesministerium für Inneres (BM.I)
VJZ – Verein Wiener Jugendzentren
TENDER – Verein für Jugendarbeit (NÖ)

Mag. Dr. Hemma Mayrhofer
IRKS – Institut für Rechts- und Kriminalsoziologie
Museumstraße 5/12
A-1070 Wien
Tel.: 01/ 526 15 16-20