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ICT-based information service systems constitute a key component for preserving public safety

ICT-based information service systems constitute a key component for preserving public safety. The progress in this area leads to an ongoing shift between the demands in the public safety sector and the complexity of the available tools for preserving safety.

Diverse standards and proprietary components often prevent the integration of necessary components into one comprehensive, efficient and powerful system.

Integrated ICT-based information service systems which are tailored to the user‘s needs are essential for satisfying the increasing and permanently changing requirements for preserving public safety. Such systems facilitate the process of gathering, processing and distributing information to the proper receivers.

In the course of the feasibility study “Potentials of an integrated information service concept in the public safety area for special (exceptional) situations” a synergetic, integrated and future-proof information system concept has been developed by the Department for Engineering- and Business Informatics, Graz University of Technology (EBI) and the Police Command Styria. This ensures the creation of an information system which is tailored to the user’s needs, which can be used by different stakeholders and which facilitates technology shifts and the replacement of system components.

The creation of such a concept is based on a continuous, systematic and standardized combination of analysis of the state of the art, investigation of requirement profiles, detection of improvement levers which are used in the design of the information system concept. The concept also includes a framework for classification and valuation of achievable associated benefits.

Currently existing planning and decision processes which are mainly technology and cost driven can be improved in quality with the adoption of this holistic and formalized procedure model which incorporates causal relationships of such information service systems.

Project leader:
TU Graz, Institut für Maschinenbau- und Betriebsinformatik

Project partner:
Bundesministerium für Inneres, Landespolizeikommando für Steiermark, Organisations- und Einsatzabteilung

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Siegfried Vössner
TU Graz, Institut für Maschinenbau- und Betriebsinformatik, Kopernikusgase 24/III, 8010 Graz
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