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Demand-oriented innovation concept for the Austrian security research

The security market is characterized by different market and technology mechanisms than traditional areas. Economic aspects, social assessment, public procurement cycles and assessments of threats significantly influence the investment and the innovation processes.

Inno4Sec is aiming at the development of a demand-oriented innovation concept for the Austrian security research. In the context of a study research approaches and solutions for the improvement of co-operation between research institutions and industrial corporations in order to enhance efficiency of the innovation system and by this way to improve resilience against system threats will be developed in close dialogue with demand carriers and in optimized cross-linking with the manufacturing industry. The defined project goals named above will be converted with an empiric and qualitative mix of methods to be comprised of system analysis, expert opinion polls by means of face-to-face meetings with dedicated stakeholders. Best practice comparisons, a strategic stakeholder-process in the form of workshops and a concluding development of a concept.


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