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Created by Eintrag in der Sicherheitsforschungslandkarte | |   Call 2008

Identification with Austria in Young Citizens with and without Migration Background as Contribution to Security in Austria

Feelings of belonging and loyalty to the Austrian society („identifikative Integration“) are fundamental elements of social cohesion and conflict prevention in Austria. IDEMÖ investigated in which ways young Austrians with and without a migration background and with diverse cultural backgrounds can develop such feelings of belonging and loyalty. Thereby, processes and dynamics which are conducive or hindering for integration was made visible. The project was based on an understanding of integration which exclusively focuses on people with a migration background but also takes a look at members of the so-called majority society. The research interested was directed upon strengthening the basis for conflict resolution in society.

IDEMÖ was be realised in four steps: In the first step, the theoretic foundation for the subsequent project steps was established by conducting a literature review and expert interviews. In the second step, a qualitative research study among young Austrian citizens with and without migration background and with diverse cultural backgrounds was take place. It shall be investigated whether there are characteristic phases and processes in developing a feeling of belonging to Austria and by which specific features these processes are determined. In a third step, the results will be discussed with selected stakeholders from the research field, the state, and civil society organisations in workshops. In the concluding forth step of the project, the results are published in a final report. It will include recommendations on how processes which are beneficial for social cohesion in Austria can be promoted.

Duration: 07/2010 – 06/2012

Project leader:
Forschungsinstitut des Roten Kreuzes

Project partner:
Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz in Kooperation mit dem Österreichischen Integrationsfonds

Edith Enzenhofer
Forschungsinstitut des Roten Kreuzes
Nottendorfer Gasse 21
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