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High-performance self-sufficient communication network for authorities and operators of critical infrastructures as a practice-oriented government communication network solution (Hammondorgel)

A proof-of-concept for a government communication network for secure operational, tactical and strategic communication will be developed. Already existing state infrastructures, the feasibility of a technical interconnection of wired and wireless IP-based communication networks and the organizational and operational context of the participating organizations shall be taken into account.

A Government Communication Network is able to guarantee tactical, operative, and strategic communication for different authorities at the levels of federal government, the provinces, and local authorities, as well as for the operators of critical infrastructure – especially in exceptional circumstances in terms of security policy. Such a robust medium for these levels of communication does not exist in Austria at present. Here the term “communication” includes not only communication of speech, but also of text, images, data, and communication for control purposes, and therefore implies, on the basis of the current state of technology, dealing innovatively with technical complexity and heterogeneity, such as the different implementations of networks and products, different topologies, and differences in quality. 

The Hammondorgel project continues the architectural ideas formulated in the “Bontempiorgel” KIRAS study from the 2015/2016 call. It analyses the feasibility of a technical interconnection of wired and wireless IP-based communication networks at the Vienna-Internet-Exchange-(VIX)-Point, as well as at other similarly equipped strategic locations in Austria, which make the collocation of corresponding layer 1, 2, and 3 equipment possible. It is important to stress that the purpose of the interconnections to be carried out is not the mere exchange of traffic for peering, but rather the setting up of redundant paths through the infrastructure of other service providers, in order to be able to effectively counteract the partitioning of individual networks. A proof of concept takes into account system-level aspects for the last-mile wireless access and a quality of service class mapping on the different 5G network slices (eMBB, uRLLC, mMTC). Ambitious quality of service criteria are thus met in an innovative manner and a way to isolate data streams within a protected framework is offered. 

The goal of the Hammondorgel project is to bring together the implementation and comprehensive evaluation of a proof of concept, as well as the accompanying technical and organizational concepts, as core requirements in a road map for a technical realization of the new Government Communication Network. The intended results and knowledge are: a) Derivation of concrete performance parameters and key performance indicators (KPI) for Quality-of-Service (QoS), including system availability and encryption concepts, in order to derive appropriate Service Level Specifications (SLS) from them; b) The development of a decentralized peering and traffic-relaying concept to utilize the federal structures in Austria for geo-redundancy, for the purpose of establishing appropriate technical resilience mechanisms; c) Identification of the necessary legal framework for a stable and appropriate deployment of the Government Communication Network; d) The drafting of a multi-governance concept for the participating parties.

Project leader
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT)

Project partner
Bundesministerium für Inneres (Bedarfsträger)
Bundeskanzleramt (Bedarfsträger)
Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung (Bedarfsträger)
Nokia Solutions and Networks Österreich GmbH (Partner)
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Bühler GmbH – Ingenieurbüro/ Unternehmensberatung (Partner)
ITSPreventexpert e.U. (Partner)
ArgoNET GmbH (Partner)
Universität Wien – ACOnet (Partner)
Universität Wien – Arbeitsgruppe Rechtsinformatik (GSK-Partner)
Land Oberösterreich (LOI-Partner)
Land Steiermark (LOI-Partner)
Land Tirol (LOI-Partner)
Land Wien (LOI-Partner)

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