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Government Voice over IP Attack Study

The GoVAS (Government Voice over IP Attack Study) project aimed to develop a picture of prospective attack vectors against all kinds of VoIP infrastructure - as well as their users -  and their risk potential. Concerning the fact that cicuit-switched POTS (Plain Old Telephony Systems) are consistently being replaced by Internet (VoIP) techniques, the latter more and more take over the part of traditional (voice) communication paths and therefore become highly critical infrastructures.

In this respect several measures to quantify the potential danger have been taken, e.g. monitoring and analyzing (parts of) the Austrian Internet traffic, as well as carrying out a thorough analysis of all respective protocols.

Besides that some widely deployed VoIP software products have been analyzed for potential security leaks either caused by software implementation or misconfiguration.

The result of the study represents a basis for a future action plan to protect the relevant infrastructures.

Project partner:
FH JOANNEUM GmbH, Studiengänge

  • Advanced Security Engineering (ASE)
  • Internettechnik (ITM)
  • Informationsmanagement (IMA)
    Datentechnik GmbH

Leader: FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Sonja Gögele, FH JOANNEUM

Project leader:
Dipl.-Ing. Takashi Linzbichler, FH JOANNEUM, ASE/ITM