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FSAA-NLW (Feasibility Study - alternative Antriebstechniken nicht-letale Waffensysteme)

|   Call 2014

To clarify issues related to the efficiency and dimensional accuracy in the use of emergency services

for the protection of citizens, a Feasibility Study is carried out for non-lethal weapons systems.

At the moment, it is not possible to regulate a non-lethal or less-lethal system in a way that the target is hit properly and the protection of affected citizens an unrelated third parties is ensured in cases in the field. Completed at the end of March 2013, a system was developed within the KIRAS project “SKILL“ that can hit a target with a well-defined effect by a combination of an optronic target device and a mechanical speed control. A safe, non-lethal effect on very short distance as well as a necessary hit accuracy was not yet achieved due to the burning characteristics of the ammunition fixed by the requirements („SKILL“, work package 2.1).

2. The goal is of FSAA-NLW is to perform a feasibility study with the following contents:

  • The further development of a movement system is done in connection with the fulfillment of quality criteria based on a weighted line-up of options. In the study, a catalog of criteria for quality requirements is defined in consultation of the BM.LVS.
  • Based on the results of the project “SKILL“ main systems (e.g. Beretta, FN) on the market will be investigated to define their major weaknesses.
  • To collect information about other applicable systems, a study is conducted where it is investigated whether alternative systems, such as Gas drives, for example as already applied to a pulse fire extinguisher, can be used to approach the defined quality criteria for the performance and under which conditions gas drives can be used for bigger ammunition diameter.
  • The results of the investigation are weighted by the defined quality criteria. Therefore these results are thought to be the basics for further investigations in this area.

3. The result of this study and development is

  • a precise definition of quality criteria for proportionality and efficiency of a usable non-lethal system taking into account the results of the GSK study,
  • the characterization of the examined technical possibilities in terms of the quality criteria in addition to the technical knowledge from the “Skill“ project and
  • a rating of the investigated technical possibilities in terms of efficiency and proportionality in order to derive the direction for future development.

Project Officer:

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Monika Grasser MA

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Ing. Florian Mayer

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