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The project “ForStrat-Cockpit” aims at developing a web-based software-tool which will allow processing different topics simultaneously and independently (in order to create a common situational picture), by the use of specific methods and functions.

As previous KIRAS projects have already shown, the introduction of a common systematic approach for the processing of individual projects (e.g. handling migration issues) may at best contribute to a partial increase in the interoperability between processes and methods of analysis of different departments and organizations. The joint processing of generic topics, and hence the quick response to a changing situational picture could until now not be supported properly. A clear demand for this has been formulated in previous collaborative projects between stakeholders in the public sector, i.e. the Federal Ministry for the Interior, the Ministry of National Defence and Sport, and the Federal Chancellery. Some relevant gaps, i.e. potential developments and innovation potentials, which may improve the formulation and processing of a common situational picture, could be identified in the aforementioned projects. These will be addressed and closed by the present Foresight-Strategy-Cockpit (ForStrat-Cockpit). This tool should thus essentially comprise the following capabilities:
1. An upstream, intelligent and automated data analysis;
2. The connection and use of different data sources;
3. A technical capability for real-time social media analysis and visualization;
4. A module for the collaborative formulation and evaluation of strategic action-plans.  
The system would thereby develop to an inter-department, collaborative tool that supports the assessment and creation of common future situational pictures, as well as the formulation of strategic action plans, based on real-time data. This will serve, among other objectives, as means to improve communication and collaboration between security-relevant agents in Austria.  By closing relevant gaps, this system will for the first time enable a quick and flexible execution of a comprehensive, common strategy-and-foresight process. Thus, the interoperability  between departments is expected to increase. Additionally, the project aims at supporting necessary managerial aspects which are essential conditions for the implementation of such a system. 

Projekt coordinator:
Dr. Markus Gruber,
Research Industrial Engineering (RISE) Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und Großprojektberatung GmbH

Repuco Unternehmensberatung GmbH Universität Salzburg, 
Fachbereich Politikwissenschaft und Soziologie Modul University Vienna GmbH  

ProjektleiterIn: Dr. Markus Gruber
Concorde Business Park F,
2320 Schwechat, 

Austria Mobile: +43 664 608444 1149
Fax: +43 1 5057473