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Created by Eintrag in der Sicherheitsforschungslandkarte | |   Call 2008

Monitoring of crisis situations and event protection based on airborne systems and video behavior analysis

In the past, catastrophic events happened in Hillsborough/UK[1], at the Bergisel in Innsbruck/AT[2] and during the Loveparade in Duisburg/DE[3], where many people died or were harmed due to uncontrolled crowd movement. Thus, effective event management is frequently correlated to a proper steering of such human mass movement.  Critical situations need to be identified in due time in order to undertake professional intervention of experts. In order to achieve this control management it is necessary to observe the behavior of the human movements and to alert in case those situations become critical. The main goal in EVIVA was the development of a methodology for the analysis of human movements based on airborne video data observations. The analysis of the human behavior can be used to prevent a crisis based on the calculation of the so-called „pressure within a human crowd“. If such information is available for the crisis managers they can direct the security teams to the critical zones in order to control and calm down the situation. The techniques and components developed in EVIVA enable the observation of large areas and alert the control center immediately in case of hazardous situations by triggering an alarm. The developed EVIVA tool creates appropriate information for the steering of crisis situations and support the decision process for the crisis managers. Based on utilization of multi-sensor video systems, the following components have been developed in EVIVA:

  • Analysis of information and near real time geo-processing chains focusing on the derivation of density and movements of human actors.
  • Analysis und simulation of human behavior in order to assess the risk potential of human crowds.
  • Intelligent control center - “Location Based Information Management”.
  • Operation support by the exchange of information within mobile units.

The high capability of the potential of the EVIVA components was demonstrated in a real world scenario at the “Donauinselfest/Vienna” in June 2012.

Project leader
DI Alexander Almer, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Project partner
Dr. Christian Flachberger, Frequentis AG
DI Helmut Schrom-Feiertag, arsenal research - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology; Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Ges.m.b.H.
Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Gustenau, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
Brigadier Mag. Klemens Hofmeister, BMLVS - Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport

Cooperation partner
Obstlt Mag. Christian Preisch, BMI - Bundesministerium für Inneres
Dr. Günther Fleck, Landesverteidigungsakademie
Dr. Karin Rainer, Forschungsinstitut des Roten Kreuzes
Prok. Ernest Gabmann, G4S Security Services

DI Alexander Almer
Joanneum Research - Institut DIGITAL 
Steyrergasse 17
A-8010 Graz, Austria
Tel.: +043 316 876 1738 Mobile: +043 699 1876 1738
Fax: +043 316 876 1720 E-Fax: +043 316 876 9 1738

[1] Tragödie von Hillsborough - Fussballstadion – 96 Tote und 730 Verletzte - 15. 4. 1989.

[2] Bergisel-Katastrophe 1999 - Veranstaltung Air&Style -  5 Tote und 5 Pflegefälle.

[3] Loveparade in Duisburg - 24.7.2010; 21 Besucher starben und 541 wurden verletzt.