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EvaReg – An evacuation assistance register for residents with special needs

|   Call 2018

EvaReg examines the need and acceptance as well as the legal and technical framework conditions for an evacuation assistance register for residents with special needs. A prototypical information system will be evaluated in a pilot exercise in order to obtain valuable information for future operational implementation.

Not only increasingly frequent natural disasters, but also necessary evacuations (such as findings of aerial bombs) are steadily increasing. Increasingly dense colonization and an aging population make evacuations for emergency services ever more logistical challenges. Frequently, temporarily installed citizens' telephones are no longer sufficient to announce support needs in the evacuation case.

The project EvaReg aims at the creation of a concept to operate a digital personal register for the evacuation in case of crisis. Those in need of help should be able to register in the register of persons in advance, and emergency organizations can access the data directly in the event of a crisis and immediately initiate relief measures. One objective of the project is to find out what a digital register of persons can look like and how well it is accepted by the public through an acceptance analysis in society as well as a needs analysis in cooperation with task forces responsible for the evacuation. After the initial survey of the requirements and needs of the emergency response organization, a prototype implementation of the personal register based on an existing tool is carried out in a pilot test. In the last phase of the project, a coordinated exercise in a sample region in the form of a simulation of a disaster with the involvement of all major stakeholders is foreseen. As a result, initial findings regarding technical prerequisites, operability in the event of a crisis and acceptance within society can already be obtained for transfer to regular operation.

Target groups are on the one hand institutions and organizations, which are assigned in case of crisis or disaster with the evacuation of persons and must provide security, on the other hand private individuals, who are dependent on the support of others in a crisis.

The following project results are aimed at:

  • Statements regarding the acceptance of a digital personal register in the population
  • Description of the technical requirements for the safe operation of a personal register
  • Description of the content requirements of the task forces to a personal register
  • Evaluation report after pilot experiment (coordinated exercise in a sample region in the form of a simulation of a disaster)

Expected Benefits: Within the scope of the project, not only an acceptance and requirement analysis of or for a digital personal register should be carried out, but in the context of a pilot experiment a prototypical technical implementation as well as a pilot experiment should take place within the framework of a coordinated exercise. As a result, significant preparatory work for a regular operation of such a system is already being made.

Dipl. Ing. Kurt Majcen JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

BH Deutschlandsberg
Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung

Projekt- und Kooperationspartner
Public Opinion Marketing- und Kommunikationsberatungs-GmbH/Institut für Sozialforschung
Sozialverein Deutschlandsberg
Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.
Gemeindebund Steiermark

Projektleiter Dipl. Ing. Kurt Majcen
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
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