KIRAS Security Research

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Ultralight Drone Structure

The task of the project was to research and develop a base concept study of an ultralight drone structure made of high end composite materials. This was done with special FEA tools calculating and designing the anisotropic material behavior. A folding mechanism was designed to fulfill the compact, high mobility requirements especially needed by first responders like fire fighters for daily use. During the project there came up a patented solution to mount the payload with a common interface and to fix the folding mechanism within one movement. With test flights we were able to check the max payload of about 0.5kg at a MTOW of 1.5kg.

So with the Project UDS9, supported by FFG there was created the basement of the 2014 founded, growing up company EYE.AERO gmbh which develops, produces and sells its products EYE09, the UAV and PCS13, the portable control station for civil and defense applications all over the world.

Project leader and Contact:
SG concepts gmbh
Gregor Schnoell
4432 Ernsthofen, Neubauring 29
Tel.: +43 664 1418564