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Social Media Crime

Structured Analysis of Criminal Activities in Social Media and Deduction of a Crime Pattern Classification

Social media such as social networking, microblogging or media sharing sites have become increasingly advantageous due to their possibility of uncomplicated communication, interaction and collaboration. However, they also inherently provide spaces for criminal activities. National and international studies demonstrate that so-called “social media crime” will further increase in the future.
Due to these circumstances and the dynamic nature of social media crime, police departments and legal officials consistently face new challenges in handling such cybercrime-related phenomena (e.g. cyber mobbing, cyber grooming, cyber stalking) in a structured and systematic way. Therefore, a structured and case-related treatment and analysis of social media crime and respective phenomena is urgently needed, but does not exist yet, neither nationally nor internationally. The project “Social Media Crime”, an initiative by SYNYO GmbH in cooperation with the Austrian Law Enforcement Sciences (ALES), will address this challenge. The project aims at supporting stakeholders, first and foremost the Austrian Ministry of Interior (BM.I) with a scientifically sound, case-related, practice-oriented, interactive and flexible grid for the systematic classification and evaluation of social media crime. Such an approach will subsequently facilitate the next step of drafting social media crime laws. The project will result in a comprehensive taxonomy of social media crime and related phenomena, as well as practice-oriented and intuitive resources for stakeholders. In addition, knowledge about best practices and strategies to prevent and counteract social media crime will be shared. Finally, a sound legal evaluation comprising recommendations for legislation, and an interactive collection of cases, with the possibility to add new cases and relevant phenomena, will be included.

Project coordinator
SYNYO GmbH, Research & Development Department

Project partner
University of Vienna, Austrian Center for Law Enforcement Sciences (ALES)
Austrian Federal Ministry for the Interior (BM.I), Federal Criminal Police Office (.BK)

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