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SNA of Organized Crime

The Social Network Analysis as a tool to increase efficiency in crime analysis by the example of trafficking

The fight against human trafficking, the modern form of the slavery, has high security relevance for the countries of origin as well as for the target countries of the victims. The perpetrators are organized, numerous and flexible, what complicates their persecution with conventional criminal methods.

Modern social network analysis has developed numerous tools and innovative approaches, to analyse, evaluate and visualise complex networks of any size. But these standard methods are not always sufficient when incomplete or inconsistent data need to be analysed.

The current project will develop a set of optimised tools and methods to test network data for missing vertices and edges, inconsistent and faulty data and draw conclusions for the future development of the network. This will enable users toaddress optimized questions to the system, and to identify blind spots and hidden information.

This project aims at developing a training manual and a curriculum for the application of social network analysis tools to human trafficking. The tutorial will be designed flexible to ensure easy transfer to additional areas within the range of security and crime-fighting.

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