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Security Risk of Landfill Gas - Hazard Potential and Defensive Measures

The project "Security Risk of Landfill Gas" has the goal to analyze, identify and minimize risks and hazards resulting from the emergence of landfill gas through a comprehensive approach. The fact that accidents happen repeatedly in this area, shows the security policy deficit and thus the relevance of this work. The aim of the project is to evaluate the potential hazards and to analyze defensive measures.

For this purpose, first the potential for harm in Austria was investigated in a first survey step. The results were visualized by hazard maps. In a next survey step for the Federal State of Salzburg were documented not only recent landfills and contaminated sites, but also old landfills and suspected sites (possibly contaminated areas) with organic content and investigated whether and which buildings and critical infrastructure are located on or near the surfaces. In a further step, these detailed data of the Federal State of Salzburg were extrapolated to the other eight states in order to obtain an estimate of the risk in all relevant areas of suspected contaminated sites and landfills for the whole of Austria.

In the final step possible defensive measures to reduce the potential hazards have been identified and discussed.

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