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Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Communication-Model II

In the course of the previous study CERT-Komm I, an analysis of the framework conditions of CERTs was conducted, and those factors were identified on which a resilient and successful communication between CERTs depends. Based on these results different modelling approaches were examined.

Scope of the follow-up project CERT-Komm II is, starting from the results of the CERT-Komm I study, to develop a communication model between CERTs as well as their industry partners. Thereby it is about mutual information- and knowledge management in the context of defending against typical threat scenarios which are classified as particularly dangerous. Two representative use cases were chosen, defence against botnets and Advanced Persistent Threat attacks. Based on these examples the functionality of the developed communication model is shown. In order that the communication model fulfils the necessary requirements regarding building trust, endogenic and exogenic risk factors as well as framework conditions for the cooperation setup, qualitative factors will be operationalized quantitatively via surveys.

The expected project results are:

(1)   A communication- and cooperation model which was tested regarding its practicability based on the use cases of defending against botnets and Advanced Persistent Threats.

(2)   A use model evaluated from the perspective of the industry partner which supports the cooperation of ICT security companies and CERTs as well as the service development of IKARUS.

(3)   A legal analysis of the impact of the NIS directive on Austrian CERTs.

(4)   A validation of the communication- and cooperation model via a survey.

(5)   Documentation and dissemination of the project results through publications and workshops.

Consortium leader:
SBA Research gGmbH

Project partners:
Universität Wien, Fakultät für Informatik, Multimedia Information Systems Research Group Donau-Universität Krems, Fachbereich für Infrastrukturelle Sicherheit
Research Institute AG & Co KG
IKARUS Security Software GmbH
Bedarfsträger: Bundeskanzleramt

SBA Research gGmbH
Dr. Edgar Weippl and Dr. Otto Hellwig
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