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A public authorities’ network intends to ensure both secure communication between authorities and exchange of information and data in case of exceptional security incidents. Currently, this is not sufficiently guaranteed because communication between public authorities depends on external privately-owned information and communication (ICT) service providers, the current network architecture of public authorities is heterogeneous and the public authorities are of the opinion that the technical possibilities have not been sufficiently exploited.

The project therefore aims to establish the basic specifications for implementing a public authorities’ network with a special focus on using the existing infrastructure. A historical outline of the former public authorities’ network and an overview of existing network structures and activities on national and European level are developed. The project team investigates risk-, security- and compliance-related aspects on the one hand, and technical, legal, organizational and political aspects on the other hand.

The project team also analyses the objectives of a public authorities’ network, relevant use cases and data requirements, the involved actors and the existing infrastructure, which can serve as an inter-organizational communication network. Furthermore, the requirements, functions and services, service levels and technical quality criteria as well as challenges for the public authorities’ network are defined.

The project will result in a study which will contain a requirements specification, which may serve as a base for taking a political and strategic decision to implement a public authorities’ network. The study will address the challenges and implications of a public authorities’ network and will outline design options for its future architecture, implementation and operation. The study will conclude with an explicit analysis of risks, security aspects and benefits of a public authorities’ network for Austria.

Project Coordinator
Martin Latzenhofer,
AIT / Austrian Institute of Technology  

Project Partners
BM.I / Bundesministerium für Inneres
BKA / Bundeskanzleramt BMLVS / Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport  

Martin Latzenhofer
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