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BioCapture - Biometrics Capture Tool for Police in Mobile Use

The project BioCapture aims at optimizing the existing identification process carried out by the police during interventions of mobile patrols. The research focusses on a prototypical dynamic security solution, which supports police officers in their daytime and nightshift work on-site and minimizes different security risks affecting the interoperable information exchange.

In the frame of an identity check on site by the competent police authorities, the task force must quickly grasp various identification-related personal characteristics in order to be able to carry out an accurate comparison with the central police systems (nationally and later also internationally). This heterogeneous recognition process, which involves different systems as well as many interfaces, creates a high level of both organizational and technical maintenance as well as a procurement and technical effort. The currently used mobile systems and additional devices for rapid identification purposes are not very suitable for these requirements not only due to the incurred cost but also because the equipment is not configured to meet individual needs of the users. At this point BioCapture engages providing a technical solution. In concrete terms, the security tool to be developed should significantly accelerate long identification procedures, in particular of people who cannot identify themselves, and considerably shorten reaction times in police identification and documentation work. 

The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) in its role as the main user represents the central authority in Austria with regard to identification forensics and fosters enhancement of mobile security applications. BioCapture is led and co-developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), which is Austria’s largest research and technology organization. In a first step, he AEI anchors the project through a thorough scenario analysis particularly with regard to the possible implementation of the demonstrator-system. The implementation partner T3K Forensic provides guidance and know-how during the concept and design processes of the application and furthermore holds worldwide contacts with regard to a possible (international) exploitation of the security solution. The University of Salzburg (Department of Computer Science) contributes within the research process with scientific expertise in the field of biometrics. The Swiss Federal Customs Administration (EZV) participates as a foreign consortium member in order to assess the BioCapture Tool in the testing phase pertaining to functionalities associated with the usability, performance and compatibility with other systems and system interfaces. The market leading German partner Secunet provides consulting regarding certification measures as well as security standards. 

The involvement of partners from different European countries increases the visibility of the project to an international level, which is targeted even after the project ends. The BioCapture solution reveals henceforth potential for a highly efficient security system relevant for all European countries. The use of the BioCapture tool reduces dependences to external system suppliers and increases the security and efficiency of local policing. 

BioCapture is funded by the Austrian security research programme KIRAS of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit).  

Leading Partner
AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Digital Safety & Security 

Other project partners
Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
T3K-Forensics GmbH (T3K)
University of Salzburg (Department of Computer Science) (PLUS)
Agency for European Integration and Economic Development GmbH (AEI) secunet Security Networks AG (SEC)
Swiss Federal Customs Administration (EZV) 

D.I. Bernhard Strobl
Thematic Coordinator / Visual Surveillance and Insight
AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, Center for Digital Safety & Security Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Vienna
T: +43 50550-4290