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|   2017

Preferential treatment of selected organizations to maintain fundamental supply chains of essential goods and services in the event of a crisis

The topic is the basic supply of the population with essential goods and services by the State or by public-funded organizations as a fundamental public Service of General Interest. This service includes the ensuring and maintaining of the public health, the health of the whole population and the functioning of all social services in the event of crisis. Services of General Interest (SGIs) are provided by a government to its citizens either directly or via the private sector to fulfil basic needs.  Scenarios leading to lack of supply with essential goods may result in a break down of relevant economic sectors and organizations. A preferred supply of selected strategic companies and organizations with goods (raw materials, semi-finished products, water, energy) and services (transport, information and communication services, waste and waste water...) can contribute to the mitigation of the problem.  

The project shall start with the determination of the goods and SGIs, especially the minimum requirements of the population and the description of the events (crisis scenarios and their effects), where a preferred supply of strategic companies is necessary to meet the needs along the supply chain. 

The potential threat scenarios are listed due to trigger, potential impact, and time dimensions. Further evaluation by means of risk analysis will be made to derive expectable shortages. An overview of relevant goods and SGIs (including labour assignment, infrastructure capacity, and information and communication service) will be envisaged in order to determine the technical possibilities of a preferential treatment of selected organizations and supply chains. Basic recommendations and options for action for steering committees shall be given.

Project Leader
DI Clemens Schinagl, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

Federal Chancellery, Division IV/6
Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, Division I/1
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Division II/8 

DI Clemens Schinagl  
JOANNEUM RESEARCH – POLICIES – Statistische Anwendungen 
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