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Finger-basierte Biometrie an österreichischen Geldautomaten

|   Call 2016

AUTFinger ATM is a project on biometric authentication for ATMs. Cash withdrawal at Autrian ATMs is currently facilitated by a two-factor authentication scheme based on smartcards and a 4-digit PIN-code.

Due to the increasing installation numbers of biometrics-enabled ATMs worldwide, this option also gets relevant for the Austrian ecosystem. In this project we aim to investigate in how far fingerprint and finger-vein based biometric ATMs are appropriate for the Austrian environment (in terms of user acceptance and legal framework) and in how far they meet general requirements of ATM authentication systems in terms of robustness and security.


In this context, original developments in 3D Sensing and 3D data processing are conducted and questions of varying environmental conditions (important for outdoor installations) and varying physiological conditions (stress, fatigue, sweat, drug influence, illness) are covered as well as eventual attacks against such systems and stategies for efficient countermeasures. We conduct an accompanying study concerning expected user acceptance and legal frameworks. This project is conducted in cooperation with Payment Services Austria, Diebold Nixdorf Austria, and Institute for Empirical Social Studies (IFES).

Project Coordinator
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Uhl Universitaet Salzburg, Fachbereich Computerwissenschaften

Project Partners
Diebold Nixdorf GmbH, Kontakt:  
Institut für Empirische Sozialforschung GmbH, Kontakt: 
IFES Feld GmbH, Kontakt: 
Payment Services Austria GmbH, Kontakt: 

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Uhl Universitaet Salzburg, 
Fachbereich Computerwissenschaften 
Jakob-Haringerstr.2 5020 Salzburg

Tel: 0662 8044 6303 

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