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Multimodal airborne sensor platform and innovative analyses and geo-management solutions to support disaster management

Background and Motivation
In the context of major damage situations, crisis and disaster situations, airborne systems are being increasingly used for reconnaissance purposes. Near-real-time, detailed location information by means of aerial image data represents an enormous added value for disaster management in order to be able to make rapid decisions and to set efficient and targeted measures for the protection of human lives and critical infrastructure. In recent years, JOANNEUM RESEARCH has developed the data acquisition ARGUS, which is bound to the Pilatus PC6 of the BMLV as carrier platform to be used and whose benefit in disaster relief could be demonstrated in principle. However, limitations and weaknesses in terms of system flexibility, sensor stability, and continuous, rapid system readiness have also been identified.

Goals and Invention
The aim of ARGUS-Flex is to resolve the identified shortcomings of the existing system with regard to rapid, operational integration into optimal operational and tactical 24/7 support of emergency services in risk and disaster scenarios. For this purpose, the transfer of ARGUS into a compact sensor box is planned, which will deployable not only for aircrafts but also for helicopters or UAVs. The sensor box will be equipped with new sensors, consisting of an RGB camera and 3 thermal cameras in order to achieve an optimized stability on the one hand and extended system functionality on the other hand. Innovative methods for data processing and data analysis are being developed, such as automated, simultaneous calibration, multi-sensor data fusion, data optimization or data analysis, and information extraction based on machine learning methods. In terms of operational support, the development of new management tools is planned to integrate the planned multi-sensor platform on different carriers into the operational process. This requires options for the definition of required data recordings, for the control of the flight and recording phase and the use of information or results by the emergency services.

Expected Results
The ARGUS-Flex system is intended to meet the requirements of rapid, location-independent and continuous 24/7 deployment, as required especially in large scale natural disasters such as flood or forest fire, and to provide near-real-time availability of multi-sensor image data and information derived therefrom. On the hardware side, this is ensured by the compact design for different carrier platforms as well as new, stable sensor technology, while an optimal service for the users will be provided due to improved data quality and new processing methods for the derivation and provision of targeted, scenario-specific information. Beyond the national framework, the project intends to initiate international cooperation and to open up perspectives for the use of the ARGUS-Flex system also on an international level.

AeroMap GmbH AM
IFR - Ing. Richard Feischl IFR
Phase One A/S PO
active photonics GmbH APH
UAR-Robotics GmbH UR

Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung BMLV
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gumpoldskirchen FF

GSK Partner
Partner Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz; Institut für Soziologie KFU

Cooperationpartner / LoI
1) Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute
2) National Disaster Reduction Centre of China
3) State Forestry Administration of China
4) Gestion Ambiental de Castilla la Mancha S.A.(ESP)
5) Consejería de Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo Rural (ESP)
6) DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
7) DLR Berlin
8) Magirus Lohr GmbH
9) Land Steiermark
10) Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung

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