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Projects of the joint German-Austrian call 2013

AQUS II - training and quality standards for security service providers

|   Call 2019

Development of job profiles and curricula with a focus on a possible apprenticeship and emphasizing critical infrastructure and major sporting events

Public-private partnerships between public security authorities and private security service providers are of particular importance not only for the protection of critical infrastructure, but also, for example, at major sporting events. To date, it has not been possible to implement uniform training and quality standards for security service providers in Austria. The creation of binding quality standards, the development of a professional profile and a corresponding apprenticeship are included in the government program 2020-2024 as a measure in the field of internal security.

In the content-related and organizational preliminary project AQUS, 18 recommendations were developed in 2017/18, some with a specific focus on the critical infrastructure. AQUS II is now building on precisely these project results.

In the project, which consists of five work packages, inhibiting and promoting factors for the implementation of mandatory education and further training as well as corresponding job profiles will be researched. As part of a system and actor analysis, currently, promoting and inhibiting factors at the macro, meso and micro level in Austria are identified, existing international curricula and occupational profiles are analyzed, and future relevant threats are surveyed.

The focus is on the needs of Austrian organizations and the comparison with other Germanspeaking countries (due to a similar cultural understanding of security, the dual training system and the close economic interdependence).

Firstly, the requirements of stakeholders are ascertained in several content-related loops; these feed into the project, the results of which are again compared with and validated by the stakeholders. As a further central project result, roadmaps for the implementation of the proposals will be worked out and made available to the decision-makers and the specialist public.

Project leader / Name and institute or company

FH-Prof. Mag. Claudia KÖRMER
Both: University of Applied Sciences Campus Wien, Faculty Risk and Security Management

List of project or cooperation partners

Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)
Federal Ministry of Defense (BMLV)
Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW)
Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and
Technology (BMK)
Association of Academic Security Advisors in Austria (VASBÖ)
Association of Security Companies in Austria (VSÖ)
Danube University Krems (DUK)
Labor union ‘vida’
Vienna Health Association - a company of the City of Vienna
Parliamentary Directorate
Public transport Vienna ‘Wiener Linien’
Austrian Chamber of Commerce (associated)


UAS Campus Wien, Faculty Risk and Security Management
FH-Prof. Mag. Claudia KÖRMER
01 606 68 77-2164