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AGETOR is a KIRAS-project to improve safety at major events. Movements of persons are analysed using big data sources (mobile communications and social media).

The project AGETOR will improve safety at major events by providing proper information on crowd movements to the action forces. AGETOR detects and analyses movement processes in real-time. Additional cameras and other supplementary sensors are not required. AGETOR offers both online and offline data analysis. It can be used online, for getting safety-relevant insights during the ongoing event and also offline to improve the planning of upcoming events.
The project aims to provide a Low Cost Monitoring System for major events. The System detects movement processes, especially in the inflow and outflow to the event site, based on big data provided by mobile communication and social media data. Due to individual communication information, privacy will be of major concern within AGETOR. Therefore the project is accompanied by supervisory data protection experts to ensure legal compliance during development and implementation. The System will be tested in close cooperation of the public agency at one event at the urban area and one at the countryside. A software prototype will be developed and applied in two test sites: “Airpower” near Zeltweg and “Aufsteirern” in Graz.
The result of the project is a mobile application (App) which provides statistical data of person movements and visualizes crowd movements graphically at major events. Movement processes can be analysed continually on mobile devices such as tablet PC´s. Visualization will be done by an easy-to-understand graphical representations. The application helps local organizers and security contractors to recognize safety-critical situations.

Dez 2013 – Sep 2015

Graz University of Technology, Know Center Graz, BytePoets, Universität Wien

Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports
Austrian Ministry of Interior
iVENTS Kulturagentur

Technische Universität Graz
Institut für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen
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